In our ongoing search for something special in the food storage lines - which we think we have finally found - I've had to rethink my own storage solutions.  I've realised that a torn cellophane bag held together at the top with a  wooden clothes peg is not really going to keep anything at all fresh for more than a few minutes. And the collection of mismatched re-used glass jars, many still with labels partially adhered doesn't really cut the mustard for style.  It was just too easy to shut my eyes and the pantry door!

Our research has given us some insight into the benefits of ceramic or glass especially when combined with silicone seals.


Short or cutting the silicone seal with a knife or setting it on fire, silicone apparently outlasts plastics and rubber that either goes brittle or perishes with time.  The general consensus seems to be about 15 years plus for the seal itself if properly looked after. 

While ceramics and glass can be used time and time again, washed and dried without scratching, discolouring or losing their shape. Unless dropped they will last a lifetime.   Maybe archaeologists will be digging up maisie & clare storage jars in a few thousand years!  

While the initial outlay for the purchase of new storage containers is just a tad more than the cost of a box of zip lock plastic bags or half a dozen plastic containers, they will, with care, outlast the cheaper option by years.

Keeps Food Fresher

Dry goods particularly are best stored in ceramic or glass as we tend to keep them for longer.  There is no leaching of chemicals into the foods to ruin the flavour or leave a nasty smell.  Ceramics have the added benefit of preventing light from reaching the stored goods. The silicone seals also add an airtight seal, keeping air out and... those dreaded pantry moths!

Good for the Environment

We hear so much about the mountains of plastic rubbish building up in the world releasing toxins into the air, the waterways and the soil. Glass can be recycled and many ceramics can also be recycled by being ground down and reused to make more ceramics. And if the worst happens, the fragments of glass and ceramics find themselves back in the environment, there is no ongoing pollution.

They look Great

Finally we can have beautiful and useful storage containers that can be within reach for daily use. Just imagine your restyled coffee corner with a set of stackable ceramic canisters holding tea, coffee and sugar all with in reach and looking great.  Who says useful can't be beautiful?  

So back to the reorganisation and beautification of my pantry - it's looking good so far!  

November 14, 2017 — Maisie & Clare

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