To Market to Market ... with a basket of course

We are so pleased with our new shipment of Market Baskets.  The traditional French style market baskets are made of sea-grass and the flat bottomed oval shaped baskets are made from water hyacinth.

Maisie has a collection of these so when we were on the hunt to find some for the store, we knew what to look for.  They are so versatile, and as we focus further on our environment, what better way to go shopping than with a natural fibre market basket.  Take it to the supermarket, the farmers market, the beach, on a picnic or use for storage around the house.  Seriously these just look good hanging around ...

The material used and the construction of the baskets makes them strong and durable.  We take pride in the way we package our goods to send to you and will do our utmost to make sure it gets to you in tip top shape.  But get this .. if your basket is a little squished when it's delivered to you, you simply soak it or spray it heavily with water then push, pull and bend it back into shape.  It's that simply.  You cannot harm it with water, but you must dry it out thoroughly and the best way to get the excess water out of them is to swing the basket round and round by the handles, a little like being in a spin dryer!

So if you want to pretend you're on a beach in the south of France, carry one of these market baskets and do as the locals do.


September 11, 2017 — Maisie & Clare