5 Reasons to Love Cloth Napkins Better Than Paper

Whilst they might appear to be a little more formal and a tiny bit more work, Cloth napkins really are the way to go.  They look better, they feel better and they work better.  So if you're thinking of changing here are some good reasons why you should:

  1. They will last for years - good quality cloth napkins will last, so over time you will save money on buying paper napkins.  The initial outlay might seem a tad extravagant (depending on the quality you purchases), but having something that lasts for ages is a way better option.
  2. They are far more durable - Ah, the back yard BBQ and trying to wipe tomato sauce off your hands with a paper napkin ... or three. You would only need one cloth napkin and that would last you the entire meal.  What about trying to get dried-on food off your little ones face and hands with a paper napkin dipped in water ... it just doesn't work.  Try it with a good cloth napkin and you'll soon understand why cloth is so much better. 
  3. Add a touch of class - when a table is set with cloth napkins it looks so much better.  No matter what you're serving, having cloth napkins at the table lends something to the setting.   Foodies remind us that you eat with our eyes first which explains why gourmet chefs spend time creating dishes that look as great as they taste.  Same can be said for the dining table ... who knows, if your table looks fabulous, maybe the food will taste just as good.
  4. Cleaning them doesn't need to be a chore - depending on what meal you had as to how often they need to be washed.  If you're eating a BBQ then yes, chances are  they will need a wash, but if it was a simply knife and fork meal, you may get away with not washing for a day or so.  They don't take up any room in the washing machine and a quick shake before you place them in the dryer or hang them on the clothes line may mean you don't need to iron them.  I absolutely support housework shortcuts whenever possible, just err on the side of cleanliness and try to remember which napkin is yours. 
  5. Reduces waste - In this disposable lifestyle we lead, its so easy to use paper.  By simply adding or changing to cloth napkins, we can easily introduce a non-disposable lifestyle habit into our homes.  
January 15, 2018 — Maisie & Clare